Sunday, 11 June 2017

Sons of Ma'ufa

File:Hubble Sees Hidden Treasure in Large Magellanic Cloud ...The Magellanic Clouds are two dwarf galaxies visible from the Southern Hemisphere. Various cultures have a variety of stories about these galaxies. In the Tongan legend Son’s of Ma’ufa, the villagers believe these are the sons of Ma’ufa they see up in the sky on clear nights.


Ambury Farm

by Soane

Sons of Ma'afu

                               by Pinomi

Sunday, 4 June 2017


Our class went on a trip to Ambury Farm as part of our topic study on Animals in the Community. We learnt about farming, the  names of the  animals on the farm, crutch demonstration, butter making, safe ways to feed the animals and the history of the farm. The best part was when we got to feed and pet the animals. It was an amazing experience.   by ROOM 9 STUDENTS

Monday, 29 May 2017


Image result for density of water with eggWe did an experiment on Density.

Question:What happens when you drop an egg into ordinary water and an egg into salt water?
 Observation:When i dropped an egg into ordinary water it sank to the bottom of the glass. .
But when i dropped the egg into the salt water, the egg floats in the glass.
 Conclusion: This happens because when the salt mixes with the water the water becomes denser of heavier.
It was easier for the egg to float
by Maria

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

My Pet

Free photo: Dog, Pug, Training, Jumping, Breed - Free Image on ...My pet's name is Max. He is a bulldog and he is very cute. His is white, black and brown. Max has very sharp teeth He also has sharp claws like a baby tiger.

Max’s favourite thing to do is run around in circles to get dizzy.What's so special about him is that he listens to me and he plays with me a lot. Max also likes jumping when i throw the ball up and his favourite toy is his little teddy bear.
I love him so much. by Pinomi

Sunday, 16 April 2017

Problem Solving

For every 8 girls in a school, there are 12 boys. If there are 40  students in the school, how many girls and boys are there in the school?
My Strategy:
 8     12
girls  boys       
8+12 =20
Double 8 and double 12
16+24=40 JAYDIN